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WaveLock™ is a powerful patented embedded algorithm and tool suite for audio companies seeking superior voice interfacing and listening enjoyment.


It is well known that distortions in loudspeakers are the primary technical cause of poor dialogue in half and full duplex systems and is the ultimate constraint in achieving the highest quality audio output. For decades, the industry has been seeking a viable solution to this frustration.

Why WaveLock™

  • Zero BOM cost adder
  • No hardware changes required
  • Better wake word detection through less intermodulation and harmonic distortion
  • Smart amp-type thermal and mechanical protection at no added cost
  • Easy integration with firmware
  • Lower distortion enables higher output and bass extension

WaveLock™ treats the root cause, not the symptoms


    Echo canceller receives reference signal

  • approximate reference

    WaveLock™ algorithm linearizes transducer to better approximate reference signal

  • cleaner signal

    Echo canceller processes linearized direct path from acoustic output of loudspeaker

"This technology provides not only significant enhancement in lower frequencies but offers so much more—higher acoustic output, improved voice performance, and new freedom in acoustic design."
voicecoil, may 2023

Explore WaveLock™ Features

  • WaveLock Virtual™ performs what-if analysis of distortion, efficiency and output tradeoffs
  • WaveLock Essential™ - the core of technology, a self-contained embedded algorithm that corrects for nonlinearities where required. No sensor needed.
  • Intelligent displacement monitoring to manage peak excursion
  • WaveLock Adaptive™, a self-contained nonlinear correction module using the product’s existing sensors to match parameters on a unit-by-unit basis. Ensures reliable performance despite product aging and environmental changes.
  • Precise voice coil temperature compensation and protection

WaveLock™ works with moving coil loudspeakers, communications applications like Skype, ZOOM and others, and any voice interface system like Alexa, Siri, Cortana, and Google Assistant.

SPL Response Fundamentals and THD

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SPL Response Fundamentals and THD
  • More than 3.2 x efficiency with the same distortion and size
  • Up to 18dB lower THD, up to 10dB lower IMD
  • One octave bass extension
  • Demo available

Echo Return Loss Enhancement

Echo Return Loss Enhancement
  • Up to 4dB louder with same barge-in success
  • More than 7dB increased ERLE
  • 3dB improved wake word level with multi-mic system
  • Demo available

Let’s talk WaveLock™

Contact us today to learn more about how WaveLock™ can improve your product and for a free simulation with no obligation to purchase.

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